Warhammer 40K

in the 41st millenium, there is only war and the laughter of the thirsting gods…


Rules Summary – Update 7th Ed.

Rounds: 3

Points: 1750

Battle Forged Armies Only

No Lords of War allowed

Allowed Fortifications: Aegis defense line, Skyshield landing pad, bastion, and Fortress of redemption.

You are allowed one Forgeworld Warhammer 40K approved unit in your main FOC. No Forgeworld fortifications or stationary turrets(units that cannot move on their own). A complete list of approved Forgeworld units will be posted at


No Forgeworld in your allied detachments. You must use a model to represent that is made up of at least 50% Forgeworld parts.

This is a hobby-centric event.  There will be no comp scores applied.  We understand this is a tournament and the goal is to win.  Please make sure that your opponent has fun in the process.  An example of hyper competitive armies would be armies that bring 30+ warp charges or contain 2++ re-rollable saves.  Trust me when I say that a victory earned through strategy and good game play is more valuable than pushing the auto-win button.  This is a standard tournament.  Escalation and Stronghold Assault rules are not in play.

Please note that proxy models must be from the correct army.  For example you cannot play astra militarum cadian troops as a grey knight force.  If you have honest conversions that are complete it will be fine.  We are trying to prevent players from using the incorrect models for their armies because they want to play another army or do not have access to the models.



Painting will be scored and added to your score for purposes of best overall. There will be prizes for painting as part of the Norcon painting awards. Separate prizes for painting will not be awarded by the tournament.


Sportsmanship will be awarded with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. If you mark thumbs down you will be asked to explain and if validated battle points will be deducted from the player receiving the thumbs down. All sportsmanship scoring is up to the discretion of the judge and the tournament organizer. Votes will be collected and counted for purposes of a best sport award.    All sportsmanship points may be modified by the appropriate tournament judge.


Once again we will use the token based tie-breaker rules. Each player will be given 9 tokens that can be used at any time to re-roll a dice. Your opponent can use a token to stop you from re-rolling. This can continue back and forth until both players are out of tokens. At the end of the tournament tokens will be counted. If any awards result in a tie, the player with more tokens will be declared the winner. Players who preregister with a typed list will receive one additional token. You can preregister by sending an email with your list to matt@pandaros.com.

Missions: Missions will be determined randomly from the book before each round. No mission will be played twice. Missions will be run as stated in the rule book with the scoring there.

Painted Models Vs. Unpainted

I am changing my earlier format statement.  We will only have one tournament for all players.  Matchups will be determined by faction and completion of your army’s paint.  Basically, we will attempt to match up painted players against painted players.


Tournament Format – Please Read

This year’s tournament will be campaign themed. The theme will have the following effects on the the tournament format. After all participants have been registered, all players will be split into two teams, the forces of order and the forces of disorder. Player’s army race will be used to determine the team that they will join. Players from the forces of order will only play against players from the forces of disorder.

1. There will be two best general awards. One for the forces of order and one for the best general of the forces of disorder.

2. Missions will not be affected. Win conditions will be taken from the Warhammer 40K rulebook.

3. There will be one best overall award, awarded to the best overall player from both teams.

4. Each game table will represent a territory on a campaign map. After three rounds the team that won the most games on that table will gain control of that territory.

Prizes for best general will be in the form of a trophy. The prize for best overall will be announced the day of the tournament. I promise you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions please email me at matt@norcononline.com