Second Battle for Black Reach!!!

In 855.M41, Black Reach, and to a lesser extent, its neighboouring planets Jede’ogh and Voldermach, were overcome by a surging Ork WAAAGH! primarily composed of the Goff Clan under the control of the Greenskin Warlord Zanzag. The planet of Black Reach, though ostensibly valueless, was of great tactical import to the Ultramarines Chapter‘s Realm of Ultramar. The planet is surrounded by a series of asteroid belts so dense that should Black Reach and its vast array of orbital debris ever become infested by xenos, it would take centuries to exterminate them all. Furthermore, the magnetic elements of the Black Reach asteroid belt made it extremely difficult to contact Black Reach from out-system, let alone augur the whereabouts of individual armies and their war leaders. An alien invasion of the Imperium could be mustered there, right under the nose of Ultramar, and remain undetected until it was time to strike against the Ultramarines’ home region.

All three planets in the Black Reach System were overcome by a surging Ork WAAAGH! which burst into real space through Jorgund’s Eye, a wormhole thought to be connected to the Eldar Webway in the Vidar Sector. How the primitive Ork fleet pulled off such a feat of interstellar bravado is unknown, but the Greenskin forces descended upon the Black Reach System so quickly that such disturbing questions were put aside by the Ultramarines high command on Macragge in favour of readying for the coming battle. As an Imperial Hive World, Black Reach’s massive hive cities were home to billions of Imperial citizens. Much of the planet’s population was slain during the initial assault of WAAAGH! Zanzag, and the hive cities and surrounding territory of Black Reach’s northern continent was completely ruined by the intensity of the fighting. After the defeat of Zanzag by the Imperial forces led by the Ultramarines’ 2nd Company and its valiant commander, Captain Cato Sicarius, Black Reach’s inhabitants still had to take back the rest of their world from the pockets of surviving Greenskins. One Terminator and twelve Space Marines from the 2nd Company were slain during the Ultramarines’ operations on Black Reach.

Now as the re-building process has been underway at the end of the 41st millennium, a special type of crystal has been discovered in the mining efforts on black reach. This crystal holds the key to unlock cold fusion for all mankind, a powerful energy source. This discovery has brought many races from all corners of the galaxy. Now on The hive city Vandus in the northern continent, the local government has sent out a cry for help to all walks of the imperium of man. The inquisition has deemed it necessary to bring the entire weight of the empire of mankind to hold this precious mine in tact. The forces of chaos have seen this as a threat to the strife and conflict they have been sowing across the galaxy. The Ork forces have come on rumors of a fight that is to be as grand as Armageddon. The elder have for seen this as being mankind’s key to being able to expand further than the known galaxy and an alliance could be the turning point in his sector. The Necron royal court in this area has deemed these crystals necessary for continued and prolonged eternity. The Tyranid threat still looms at this far corner of the galaxy and communication has been lost with several of the surrounding systems suggesting an invasion. The tau council leaders have not let on to the populous that their supply of raw materials in their home sector has dwindled and the continued expansion depends on the raw materials found in this crystal.


Apocalypse NORCON rules (subject to change)


Players will bring up to 10,000 pts per player of models to this epic battle. One strategic asset may be chosen per 5000pts per side.

The army can consist of any Games Workshop models and any battle formations currently  available today. (Some scratch builds will be aloud up to 15 hull points.  At the TO’s discretion!)

The most current FAQ and Errata from blacklibrary.com must be used.

If you do not have enough points, then bring all you have!!! (Points will be adjusted for.)

Literature  for these will have to be brought, digital or other wise.

Each player will have another player directly across from them on a table section.

All effects and targets for any phase can only be directed to the table you are on, Or adjacent boards, irregardless of range or what the “rules” say.  (this is to keep the flow of the game going)

(Super Heavy’s, Gargantuan Creatures, and Mighty Bulwark Buildings will be able to fire maximum range to all tables it can see.)

“Apocalypse breaks” will happen at the end of each “Game Turn” for this game.

Deep striking, Outflanking and any other reserve arrivals will have to be from your own board or adjacent boards.

Gaming Boards will be able to accommodate 350,000pts in models!

This battle will be fought on multiple tables. With cavern entrances and all sky shroud landing pads having the “Teleport Pad” special rule. (As the tunnel teams used teleport technology when moving mining equipment.)

Teleport Pad: Any unengaged model with up to 10 hull points, wounds or unit up to 35 models moving onto one of these pads or embarking into a tunnel entrance (yes a super heavy or gargantuan may “embark” a cavern entrance or teleport pad to use it) They can use it to move too or from another pad or entrance on the battle field immediately “disembarking” from the platform they arrive on and count as moving “Combat” speed for vehicles, and counting as moving and disembarking for all other models. (no assault that turn)

The Ork Ship: This Transport has no max capacity (only what you can fit on it) like a true Ork ship. It has 30 Hull points, and is a super heavy vehicle with an armor value of 13 on all  sides.  It can be shot by any player. It has a shield generator providing a “Kustom force field” (from Ork codex) this building piece has an armor value of 14 and no  capacity for troops.  If it suffers a total collapse then the ship looses the Kustom Force field   There are also two “Main Kannons” these have a profile of: Range 360”, STR: D, AP: 1, Massive Blast, Assault: 1.

Whoever has control of the  cockpit objective at the beginning of any shooting phase will be in  control of the Kannons.

Further more if the ship is destroyed all models on board will have to make a Falling Test (dangerous terrain test succeeding only on a roll of a 6)

Whoever is in control of the cockpit objective when this happens will be able to place the apocalypse barrage template (fully spread out) and full scatter it, this is the initial spot of the impact. Then the scatter dice will be rolled again with 6d6 and this will be the direction and distance the template travels to it’s final position. All models touched by or being passed over by the template will suffer a STR: D  hit and all terrain short of The Hive City will be removed from play. Any  surviving models from the crash will be placed in the “rubble” crater area of suitable size left in the wake of the destruction.

Apocalypse Schedule July 26th 

Saturday morning: SHOW UP EARLY!!! (As we all know how long it takes to set up, generate psychic powers and warlord traits.)

Game Start 10:00am

First break will be at 1:30pm (1 hr for lunch. Venders will be there. But no other food places are within walking distance of the facility. That is why we give an hour)

Second Session will start at 2:30pm and go until we can’t go any more!!!!

Each team will select a supreme warlord and game General who will make any team required rolls and decisions. It will be the responsibility of the General to keep his team mates moving!