Iron Man 40K Tournament
As the tides of war rage those of the 41st millennium there are those with Iron in their hearts and steel in their souls. It’s only when times are most despite and the hour is at hand that the iron of ones being lifts and rises to the hard times of his rusted age. The iron man tournament will be in traditional Iron Man form. The tournament will be brutal cut throat and quick.
1. Any current Games Workshop codex

1. Per standard mission force organization charts
2. No allies

1. 1000 points
1. Iron Man Tournament Mission

During an IronMan tournament players keep track of losses and wounds. Losses cannot be played in the next tournament rounds and wounds stay on multi-wound models. Any models created during the game are counted as causualties at the end of the game and cannot be used in subsequent rounds. An example of this is using a daemonic artifact to summon a free unit of daemons. Those daemons would be destroyed at the end of that game.

If at any time you do not have any models surving models you will be considered out of the tournament.
There will be three games in this tournament.


Nor Con V Painting and Modeling Contest


This Year, the Nor Non V painting contest will be run in traditional Nor Con fashion. Contestant’s entries will be judged by panel to see what category the contestant’s entry is best suited. Each contestant may enter one entry per category. Once all entries are received and Judged then voting will commence. Voting is done by participants of Nor Con. When Voting is concluded the entry with the most votes per category will be awarded the winner of that category. Categories are listed below.


Master Class – Mater Class models are those that represent the best techniques of painting, modeling presentation


Open – Open entries are those that are outside of the box. Scratch built models, Titanic Robots and Gargantuan creatures


Single Miniature – Single miniature entries tend to represent both heroic and villainous entries that stand alone in their glory


Squad or Unit – Squad or Unit entries tend to represent groups of models that form a single unit


Vehicle or Fantasy Construct –   These entries represent vehicles and constructs that represent the engines of war that rumble alongside armies in battle


Best of Show– Though not voting category, entries that stand apart above and beyond the others will be Judged by the panel for a special recognition


Note on Voting. When Voting, take into account presentation, innovation and style when casting your vote. Feel free to ask a panel Judge advice and clarification on what you should be looking for.