Infinity Tournament – Sunday July 27th

From the second round on, the Swiss system will be used: the player with the most accumulated Objective Points in a round is pitted against the second best for the next round, the third against the fourth, and so on.

If two or more players are tied for the same position, they are ranked according to their accumulated Victory Points score. If both the Objective Points and Victory Points scores are equal, players are ranked according to the sum total of the Objective Points accumulated by all their opponents in the Tournament.

Odd number of players (Byes)

If the number of players in the Tournament is not even, each round one of the players will have to wait for the next round to play; that player is said to be “given a bye”.

-The Organizer must make sure that a single player never gets more than one bye during a tournament.
-For the first round, the last player to arrive will be the one to be given a bye.
-For subsequent rounds, the player with the lowest score is the one to be given a bye.
-When players get a bye, they must make a note of it in their Tournament Control Sheet.

Once the last round ends, players who got a bye must follow these steps:

1. Add up all the Objective Points the player earned during the Tournament.
2. Multiply the result by the number of Tournament rounds.
3. Divide the result by the number of rounds played (should be 1 less than the Tournament rounds), rounding up. The end result is their final Tournament score. In the event of a tie, repeat the process with the Victory Points.


Each table at the tournament represents a different Scenario from the official ITS Scenarios. Each table cannot be played twice in the same Tournament by any player. There will be 5 tables, each representing one of the 5 official ITS Scenarios. Players can read the rules for the Scenarios ahead of time here, so that they can prepare their army lists for the Tournament. Additional information about the scenarios and the terrain for each table will be available before NorCon.

ITS Points

All players that take part in a Tournament will receive an amount of ITS Points depending on their final position. Final Position is determined by the player with the best win record

Position ITS Points

1st 1000
2nd 800
3rd 650
4th 500
5th 350
6th 350
7th 350
8th 350
9th 350
10th 350

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